The Group

The Advanced Architecture Group (AAG) is an interdisciplinary research group investigating emerging technologies of information, interaction and manufacturing for the design and transformation of the cities, buildings and public spaces.

Big & small data,
Responsiveness cities,
Smart energy systems,
Artificial intelligence,
Robotics & Industry 4.0,
Advanced materials,
Additive manufacturing, are few of the key topics developed by the AAG and applied to novel visions and solutions for the architectural and urban fabric.

Through innovative educational programs and a hands-on based methodology, AAG works on redefining the paradigm of design education in the Information and Experience Age.

Through the realisation of professional projects, AAG works on real-scale pilot projects and real-world situations merging basic and applied research in collaboration with the industry and a series of multidisciplinary experts.

Within the current critical environmental, economic and social framework, and at a moment of a novel intersection and crossing between bits (digital) and atoms (physical), AAG explores how technologies can contribute in activating, socialising and establishing new responsive inhabitation models.