Architecture & Ecology

Advancing nature based solutions with digital tools and fabrication for performative multi species environments.


Developing restorative architectural solutions applied to the urban and landscape environment through the convergence of biotechnology, information technology and intelligent living systems.

Nature Based Solutions and Ecosystem Services

Developing systems that work with nature (Nature Based Solutions) and are enhanced by digital technologies with the goal to address socio-environmental challenges and tackle urban issues using an holistic approach.

Key Areas
  • Smart Green Systems for Decarbonization
  • NBS for Resilient and Adaptive Design
  • Inter-species Alliances

Metabolic Buildings

Designing buildings as living organisms and investigating new relations between form and performance. The protocols for a new building metabolism allow the in-situ production of resources (e.g., energy, food, water) and the reuse of the building’s by-products (e.g., waste) towards new resources. This paradigm radically intervenes and recomposes the extractive, consumptive, and contaminating logic of the built environment.

Key Areas
  • Productive Buildings
  • Decentralized Energy and Resource Distribution
  • Responsive Building Elements

Circular Design and Metabolism

Achieve circular thinking in all projects by designing and working in line with natural productive cycles. These cycles range from food production and waste management infrastructures to reducing energy and material loss.

Key Areas
  • Impact Analysis & LCA
  • From Waste to Matter
  • Material Passports

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