Architecture & Urban Data

Developing data-integrated planning using the latest technologies for urban analytics simulations and predictions.

By intersecting the disciplines of urbanism, architecture and data science we accelerate urban innovation while following the principles of human-centred, ecological and intelligent design.

Big Data & Urban Analytics

The process of structuring vast quantitative and qualitative data is critical for a deep understanding of the urban complexity and for providing input for informed decision making, planning and design.

Key Areas
  • Data-driven cartography & spatial analysis
  • Urban Digital Twins
  • Data Visualisation
  • Digital Urban Interfaces

Participatory Design

Public participation and community engagement are key for adopting inclusive planning and design approaches. In this framework we develop urban analytics and co-design processes that place human conditions in the centre of comprehending and shaping the urban environment.

Key Areas
  • Co-design Urban Platforms
  • Gamification tools for participatory design
  • Qualitative Data Analytics

Public Space Design

Exploring the planning and development of active public spaces integrated with urban technologies for catalysing sustainable economic development, resilience and high quality of life. The ultimate goal is to foster people interaction with flows of energy, materials, services and finances.

Key Areas
  • Productive Cities
  • Co-design for Active Public Space
  • Interactive Environments

Featured Project

Urban Mining Library

Urban Mining Library