Secil Afsar

Fabrication Assistant
Secil Afsar

Secil Afsar graduated from the Chemical and Biological Engineering department of Koc University
with a half scholarship in 2016. After graduation, she worked as a process development engineer at
a H2020-funded biotechnology company for two years. Later, due to her desire to work on the
development of the sustainable built environment, she continued her master’s degree in Biodigital
Architecture at the International University of Catalonia. At the end of her master's degree in 2019,
she started to an internship at Fab Lab Barcelona where she learned how to build new tools and
enhance her skills in computational design integrated fabrication technologies. She also had the
chance to contribute to the European projects called Foodshift and Siscode as a product developer
during this internship period. So far, she has co-authored in different book chapters and academic
articles. She is now pursuing her doctorate degree in UIC Barcelona and working as a fabrication
assistant at IAAC Barcelona.