Kevin Matar

Programme coordinator
Kevin Matar
Kevin is an architect, urbanist and environmentalist. He studied at l’Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts in Beirut, then did his Master specialization in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. Moreover, he did research on waste from construction, natural materials and mycelium and as an activist worked on environmental projects with NGOs, communities and companies in Lebanon.
Based in Barcelona now, he is the coordinator of the Master in Advanced Architecture second year programme at IAAC.
Kevin was part of the team that started theOtherDada‘s expansion from architecture into Urban Afforestation, dedicating his time into what started out as pro-bono side projects and quickly became an integral part of tOD’s business model.
Kevin has been a member of Recycle Lebanon since 2017 working on campaigns like “Break free from plastic” in the dive into action program. In 2021, he was the data outreach consultant in Regenerate Hub. Most recently, he is the lead architect of Terrapods green fab-lab in Lebanon.