AAG proposes novel visions and solutions for the architectural and urban fabric, exploring how technologies can contribute in activating, socialising and establishing new responsive inhabitation models.


& Training

AAG is Education

Through innovative educational formats and a hands-on learning by doing and design by research based methodology, AAG works on redefining the paradigm of design education in the Information and Experience Age.

Educational Programs

Research & Development

AAG is innovation

Oriented to explore the role of technology in our society and cities, AAG, thanks to a series of projects funded by the European Union and developed in collaboration with public and private European partners, pioneers in applied research.

Research Lines

Consulting Design & Manufacturing

AAG is Change

Through the realisation of professional projects, AAG works on real-scale pilot projects and real-world situations merging basic and applied research in collaboration with the industry and a series of multidisciplinary experts.


& Curation

AAG is Outreach

Through lectures, publications, exhibitions and competitions. AAG promotes its values in the discussion about architecture, cities, society and technology, facing the nowadays worldwide challenges.


Partners & Collaborators