September 16th and 17th, 2016.


A Chronicle of Incidents

Today’s advances create a scenario where technology has started to be embedded in our everyday life in such ways that it is becoming part of our bodies and surrounding environment, hence overcoming the desktop era. Architecture transforms into an evolutionary organism, able to react in real time to various data, finally questioning the solid principles of durability, stability or longevity. The Information Age is giving way to an Experience Age, characterized by high levels of physical interaction and emotional involvement. What are the new aspects and factors of spatial performance and user actions within such a shift?

How will emerging communication and inter-communication models in agglomerations affect their urban environments? In this context, the Urbanism in the Experience Age Symposium investigates the city
planned following the Advanced Urbanism paradigm is a Responsive City that, through new communication protocols and design approaches, becomes an adaptive, emotional and experiential environment, able to hyper-connect and process information, changing its shape and performance according to the contingencies.